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Far letters

By Adam Lisewski, Transsibirskaja Transmisja Poetycka, 2013



I’m an astronomer, I graduated from Nicolaus Copernicus University. I specialized in celestial mechanics and numerical methods.

I had an opportunity to work with High Performace Computing and learnt a lot from that. The Mechanic code I wrote helped to explore the structure of the Kepler-11 planetary system. That was the very first time the complex dynamics in packed multiplanetary exosystems was shown.


#BiegamDobrze charity programme

The NonIron Foundation does a great job providing sport classes for kids living in dysfunctional societies. I support that through my training, because I was given a huge chance in life, and I would like to give them such a chance as well. You can help them as well, it’s easy. Thank you!


C programmers never die

I’m a full-stack software developer. I speak C and understand Fortran (all dialects). My code is now mostly in NodeJS/Typescript.

I’ve been working on low-level hardware drivers, through APIs and REST services, up to data visualisation and services integration into a one unified environment, accessible via the web browser of choice.

I’m not afraid of using multiple languages in one project, in fact, C-Fortran interoperability over the MPI was, hm, very educational.


Desktop Publishing

I occassionaly design things and make them printable. I got this experience during my work at Podaj Dalej student’s magazine (2006-2010). Believe it or not, this DTP knowledge and graphic design skills I earned that time help in Space Safety domain as well.

I love typography. It’s an Art. Period.


A glider-trainee

A glider-trainee and stargazer.


Lunar Expedition 1

I participated in the first Polish analogue astronaut mission – Lunar Expedition 1, conducting experiments and providing day-to-day media coverage.

This mission had its own obstacles, but apart of that, we succeeded to the very end, proving that human spaceflight is really a thing in Poland.


Public Outreach

I do public outreach, the most notable projects are: We discover the night sky, astronomy classes at kindergardens and elementary schools (2009, International Year of Astronomy), Academy of imagination: A Space Odyssey (2013), Space Days (2018).

Sometimes, you can find me on TV, radio or in magazines and newspapers.



I worked as a freelancer and photographer, mostly on conferences or events, such as Communicating Astronomy with the Public (2013) or Celtycki Gotyk (2013). Some of my photography is available on Instagram, Facebook and Flickr. Not all, though.


Space Safety

I work in the Space Safety domain, designing and developing services, algorithms and user interfaces for managing the network of robotic observatories and day-to-day operations.

I work at Sybilla Technologies, and we did together a multitude of SST-related projects, for European Space Agency, Polish Space Agency, commercial and public partners. We provide expertise in SST and work towards Space Traffic Management. I am proud of what we have achieved as a team.


Transmisja Poetycka

I’m a member of Piekary24 poetry group. Together we made Transmisja Poetycka event series, which, apparently, became legendary after all these years. Yay!

This wouldn’t be possible without the fantastic crew of Piekary24.


Words in-between

I write poems. I’m just about to release my fourth poetry book, The Aperture of a Word. Stay tuned!