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The W Mask

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If I were to measure our patriotic stance with a number of people wearing masks… well, with hundreds of us who I’ve passed by walking in The Old Town today evening, it would be at most just a few.

Not everyone can take their Covid-19 jab, my close family members are one of them, and our – as a nation – approach to the pandemic times is our everyday patriotism, the one we all beautifully recall at anniversaries of national uprisings and falls.

Everyone of us, I mean it, everyone of us stops themselves for a minute at the W hour, recalling the Warsaw Uprising, glorifying the people of City of Ashes who stood up against the German Nazis, but the egoism is creeping out from our shoes, almost at every step we make. Our patriotic stance ends exactly where our thinking of others – no duty, no problem. We applaud paramedics, we pray for the pandemic to stop, but, when there’s time to go out and wear a mask – we treat it as a muzzle.

Yes, this is a patriotic muzzle, which we, Poles, cannot afford. Same, as with the another lockdown.