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03:32:44 to beat

Reading time: 2 minutes

I made it. WOW. It took me more than a day to realize.

03:32:44 is my new borderline to cross.

The 43rd Warsaw Marathon – the route was quite tough and challenging, crossing both sides of Warsaw, I can’t remember how many ups and downs, hills and bridges, it doesn’t matter. I’ve been preparing for that for the last six months or so, spending a lot of hours on running, putting in it a lot of physical and mental effort. 32 kilometers were perfectly sticked to the plan, then the Marathon came up – I lost almost three minutes, but hey – beating the clock at 03:30:00 could be as much harmful. I saw an ambulance taking someone at 39th km. I saw guy fighting for life at 41.7km. It is really not worth the life to cross this tick line. Listen to your body, and if something feels not right, just keep safe and run safe. If you feel that you’re already fighting, it means, more training is required, and I’m fully up to beat my new personal best within next few months. You still have more marathons to go!

For the whole race, I kept my new personal best in hands very carefully, like a NonIronFoundation cookie, like an energetic gel, like a water flask. I kept the clock within limits, being almost 10 minutes away from 03:41:18. I was beating the Marathon, not the Marathon was beating me. For the very first time. After the hill of 35th km I realized 03:30:00 is running away, but I still got plenty of time. Even this little one second stop showing my brain fighting with me couldn’t stop me. I was slowly and slowly running towards 40th, 41st kilometer. I lost the track where the finish line is, until I saw the clocks. It wasn’t the fastest finish in my life, but – as always, It was full of energy, full of proud. See it by yourself.

I waited for this for almost 15 years. And I’m not stopping here.

Thank you all for being with me during the race! Thank you, all the Donors of the NonIron Foundation #BiegamDobrze Charity collection. Your help is really important in giving kids from disfunctional societes a better start in life. Through sport.