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Scott, 18th. The touchdown

Lunar Standard Time, Scott 18th, 19:29

More than ten hours passed from opening the hatches of the habitat, and we are unpacking and preparing for the Day 1 schedule. This was a busy time after the touchdown, but it seems that, so far, everything is looking good. Minor fixes to the habitat must be done, however, and the MCC (Mission Control Centre) has been informed about the issues. We’ll do it tomorrow.

After the long journey here, to the Lunares base, we are tired, but happy that the mission is ongoing. We hope to do as much as we can during the following two weeks – for this project, this mission, and this crew. We are proud that we can participate in the LE-1, and for each of us it is a completely new experience.

As we left out daily stuff behind, and closed the hatch between the habitat and the outside world, we will not forget about those little things that brought each of us here… all those things and dreams that brought us here, to the first polish habitat, and the first polish analogue simulation in Poland.