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Scott, 19th. In a good shape

Scott, 19th 18:41

An emergency situation occurred in the early morning. The lander carrying scientific experiments crashed nearby the habitat during the landing… we had no time to react, as the automatic landing procedure failed seconds from the touchdown… It was too late for taking manual control over the lander. The data records were passed to MCC for further investigation. We sent an EVA team there, Piotrek and Matt, few hours after the crash to overview the damages to the habitat and eventually, to bring what’s survived the crash. The spectrometer was found in a good shape, so the team brought it to the habitat, with a pack of lunar regolith, which we will use in geological experiments. Some minor damages were found in the rover outside the base, but we will try to fix them tomorrow. Fortunately, the second cargo ship arrived on time, with a successful touchdown and docking to the base.

I was the HO (Habitat Operator) today, taking care of the habitat systems during the EVA activities and the crew inside the habitat. We are fine, almost fully unpacked, reviewing and upgrade’ing emergency procedures. We had (Y)MLHAT ((Yoga) Magical Lovely Hug Advanced Training) today, as a part of our daily training activities, and, as you can see on the postcard picture I sent you, we are in a good shape. So the habitat is.