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Scott, 20th. The living habitat

Scott, 20th, 22:49

It was the first time Asia was the Habitat Operator, during the morning EVA of Dorota and Grzegorz. They went to put the waste to the empty cargo ship that arrived during the breakfast. The EVA team also found the new impact crater nearby the habitat… they took pictures and samples, which we passed for the investigation in the spectrometry table I’d prepared. It’s fortunate for us, it did not impact the base… Today we had also busy day with the Trapezoff cargo ship bringing missing stuff for the habitat. This time everything was operating smoothly, and the ship went back to Earth for the next shift.

It is also the first day the habitat is fully operating after our landing. We still have some issues with the toilet, but we sent repair drones, and it seems to work well. We have yet to fill the water tanks, which we will do tomorrow, after the arrival of scheduled cargo. The 3D printer seems to work properly again, repaired by Grzegorz, chive seems to grow fast, and the crew started to cook food with own-developed recipes. Thanks to the MCC, we were woken up with David Bowie’s Space Oddity, and we had a powerful Sinatra’s morning today.

David Bowie, Space Oddity

It is really a pleasant feeling to see that all crew members are doing their tasks without a problem, and in case of any issues, they try to fix them, try to find a solution, or a workaround using what we have in the habitat. It is a pleasant feeling to see the habitat is living, and having an opportunity to capture this on photos.

No AMJMT (Advanced Meditating Jedi Master Training) today, as we’re preparing the habitat for the expected radiation growth because of the solar activity.