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Scott, 21st. Modernity. Part One

Scott, 21st, 22:14

The cargo ship arrived in the morning and the water tanks have been refilled. We checked potential issues with the habitat after the radiation growth, but the habitat electronics looks fine, and it is better than we thought yesterday.

I went for a walk today, with Dorota. We mapped the electromagnetic field around the habitat, but we didn’t notice anything unusual. We were supposed to use the Modernity rover… Well, that was a tough repair, for which we weren’t prepared – we changed the rover batteries, we fixed the rover power supply connection using what we had in our toolbox – duck tape and cable tie (you know, these are the most important tools in space program), we even managed to turn on the rover… But the connection with the habitat was still not working, and Piotr could not operate the Modernity. We will try to fix it tomorrow, it would be nice to drive the rover after all.

Wow, that was a long, and exhausting two-hour walk, but… not so much exhausting as the second EVA, when Matt and Asia drilled one-meter whole in the surface. Drilling a hole in the lunar surface is not an easy task, as you know, but they finally grabbed the samples.

Now, after the 15 minute ASJMYT (Advanced Silent Jedi Master Yoga Training), we’re having a movie evening. Popcorn and “Life”. And for our Readers, we have a martian song today.

David Bowie, Starman, The Martian OST