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Scott, 23rd. The eclipse

Scott, 23rd, after midnight

That was quite a usual day at the Lunares base.

Episode I

A spirulina-based lemonade. A seasoned bacon. A morning song.

Zaz, Si jamais j'oublie

Episode II

We went with Asia for a walk in the morning, as we noted a new meteorite impact nearby the base. Wow, we are really fortunate (again) it did not hit the base… three pieces, each of them half of a meter wide… I was shocked when I saw them. We took the samples, and we tried to perform some rover operations, but suddenly, we had a crash, and we had to repair the rover’s back left wheel, having a hammer and a hoe only.

A note for a future me: always take rover tools for a walk, since you never know when you will have to use them.

A note for a rover operator: too fast, too furious, you have the crash.

Episode III

Ok, the rover is fine. Rover operator too.

Episode IV

We almost finished the morning EVA just before the Eclipse 2017. We had a chance to watch the livestream from the Earth, and we really enjoyed this peaceful and silent experience. One of those rare times, when we sit together in the Atrium at the same time. Let me count this as a two-and-a-half-minute AEJMYT (Advanced Eclipsing Jedi Master Yoga Training).

Episode V

A second walk, performed by Dorota and Matt, was focused on radiation measurements around the base – as a standard procedure – and they didn’t notice anything unusual. We tried to test the rover after the morning crash and repair, as well.

A note for future EVA team and the rover operator: always take charged batteries with you, even if you are not supposed to use the rover, because you never know, when you will have to turn on the rover, because the rover operator would like the rover to be turned on.

Now we have the rover without batteries, left far from the base.

Fortunately, Asia made caramel candies, so we quickly forgot where we left the rover.

Episode VI

We apparently tested the smoke sensor in the habitat. Twice. The sensor works.

We had to switch to plan C for the dinner, and use the microwave.

A note for future crews: always have a plan C for the dinner, because it is much likely that the precisely crafted plans A and B are at odds with the sensors.


We lost one of the Atrium sensors, as the CDSES (Custom Developed Sensor Emergency System) failed, because it was not designed to interact with the users…