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Scott, 25th. Fix me.

LST, Scott 25th.

Chapter 1

This smile on Dorota’s face this morning, after discovering that Trapezoff left us equipment upgrades, with pudding inside.

Man, how was she happy!

Chapter 2

We were supposed to start Lunarthlon.

EVA of Matt and Asia was scrubbed early.

Matt was injured.

This fright on our faces. It was serious.

Chapter 3

We contacted the mission’s medical doctor.

No worries, Matt will be fine.

Chapter 4

We were planning to drive the Modernity during afternoon EVA of Piotr and Grzegorz.

Modernity flipped over.

We damaged the antenna.

Chapter 5

Piotr and Grzegorz fixed the antenna.

We couldn’t connect to Modernity.

Chapter 6

The Modernity’s controller network cable was disconnected.

A little thing.

Dorota was happy.


No image this day. Fix me.

Coldplay, Fix me