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The Mechanic code

Lead architect and developer of the Mechanic code.

The Mechanic is a task management system and a host software framework developed to help in conducting massive numerical simulations. It provides powerful and flexible user API with unified data storage and management. It relies on the core-module approach, which allows to separate numerical problem from the common programming tasks, such as setup, storage, task management, splitting the workload, checkpointing etc. From this point of view it allows the user to focus on the numerical part of the scientific problem only, without digging into MPI or advanced data storage. Since the user API is written in C, it allows to easily adapt any code developed with a C-interoperable programming language, such as C++, Fortran2003+, OpenCL or CUDA.

The core code is based on the MPI Task Farm model and the HDF5 data storage specification. It may be installed system-wide and become a helper tool for users, who need to perform a large number of serial computations. The code has been tested on large CPU-clusters, as well as desktop computers and works equally well (the Linux and Mac OS X operating systems are actively maintained).